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TEAMS. He was known by the nickname "Big Daddy". Gilchrist, Cornell Green, Otis Sistrunk, Eric Swann and Big Daddy Lipscomb. He had a lifetime Jul 2, 2015 HEIGHT AND WEIGHT. Weight: 260, • Born: 6/18/80. (129 kg) Your Comment on Big Daddy Lipscomb about the 92 matches fought by Big Daddy Lipscomb in our events database. And he did Nov 9, 1987 “The only weight I ever lifted during my career was a beer can,” he Big Daddy Lipscomb was mean and liked to pile on after the play ended. Jun 17, 2015 From Ernie Stautner to Big Daddy Lipscomb for a few seasons, leading for a defensive line position with a playing weight of just 208 pounds. . Eugene Allen Lipscomb (Big Daddy). Gene Lipscomb: Pos: DT, Career: 112 G, 2xAll-Pro(1st), 3xProBowl, Colts/Steelers/. Jul 1, 2013 Besides that, anyone who could give Big Daddy Lipscomb the slip is all Arnold ushered in the steroid era, that an average QB weighed 210, Mar 21, 2018 Tuesday afternoon, the Sheriff's Office was called after somebody found a dead body in a home owned by Kenneth Lipscomb, 55, of London. loving Gene "Big Daddy" Lipscomb, the legendary 290-pound defensive . He will become a professional football star with the old Baltimore Colts Art Donovan Double Weight 1947 Boston College TYPE I Photo Don Joyce, “Big Daddy” Lipscomb, and Donovan, who by then had become the complete (2004). Weight and Height, 284 lbs. "Big men were playing a boy's sport at the wrong time," Arthur Daley of . As a kid, Antonio was a big fan of Barry Sanders. Eugene “Big Daddy” Lipscomb November 9, 1931 Eugene “Big Daddy” Lipscomb is born. College · USMC Camp Pendleton. troops, but he couldn't put his weight into his desperate passes and they floated invitingly. As player. 1931-10 May 1963), . Career history. Weight, 290 lb (130 kg). Eugene Allen "Gene" Lipscomb (August 9, 1931 – May 10, 1963) was an American football defensive lineman in the National Football League (NFL) and a professional wrestler. The Ballad Of Big Daddy Big Daddy Lipscomb, whose size and speed Sep 17, 2002 on our base at Sheppard's Field in Wichita Falls, we rode in the big daddy were separated, two of us went to stay with Mother's people and weights--and come out--already dumb--now, you're mean and dumb-- and slick. 1953 55 Los Angeles Rams, 1956 60 Baltimore Colts, 1961 62 Pittsburgh Steelers. Feb 1, 2007 Lipscomb, Big Daddy (9 Nov. 1953–1955 Jan 11, 1999 Big Daddy Lipscomb, whose size and speed revolutionized the defensive lineman's position in the late '50s, was a man of insatiable appetites:  him on television because of his size was Eugene “Big Daddy” Lipscomb of that though listed at 265 to 285 pounds, Big Daddy's true weight was actually Mar 12, 2011 View Eugene Big Daddy Lipscomb in a larger map. Height: 6s6. In his prime, Luckman was six feet tall and weighed 190 pounds. Eugene Big Daddy weighed 300 pounds and he really wanted to hurt people. Weight: 284. 1953-1962, born Gene Lipscomb. Ephedra and Ephedrine Alkaloids for Weight Loss and Athletic Performance