For Profit. www. soundviz. gl/45Pnvg Catch up on previous episodes of Tattoo Talk Tuesday!: サウンドからアート作品ができる!「SOUNDVIZ」が斬新すぎる - SAKIDORI sakidori. com. View on Facebook. SoundViz started as a pet project to satisfy my desire to work on something that I am passionate about - music. 253 likes · 1 talking about this · 1 was here. SoundViz. co/article/42322014年12月19日 音楽や音声などのサウンドをアート作品に変えてしまうウェブサービス、SOUNDVIZ。とても斬新な発想ですが、オシャレな作品を簡単につくることができ 14 Jun 2016 Soundviz es un startup que convierte el sonido en bellas obras de arte que podrás colocar en tu hogar o donde quieras, y el resultado es SoundViz was the inspiration for this post — a company founded by one of our own 99staffers, our email marketing manager Chelsea Haupt, and her fiancé. Website. Any song or recorded voice converted into a visual sound wave and delivered as an instant digital file, or printed on a high-quality fine art print or gallery Don't have an account? Create an account. 16 and all older Versions are finally out! (: And of course it's still FREE! (But you can DONATE! to me if you want (: ) If you want . SoundViz | 'Your favourite sound as beautiful art'. hello@soundviz. Your favorite sound as beautiful art. (Web App, Music, and Art) Read the opinion of 12 influencers. Twitter. Contact Email. © 2018 SoundViz. Discover 5 alternatives like SoundViz, San Francisco, California. Jun 14, 2017 FiveThirtyEight | 'The Case For Stephen Curry, MVP' (particularly like the comet plots). Company Type. Welcome! We've loaded a demo sound so you can play around and see how Discover alternatives, similar and related products to soundviz that everyone is talking about. SoundViz enables customers to record and 2014年12月26日 「SOUNDVIZ」は好きな音楽の音波でアートが作れるサイトです。音楽をアップロードすると音波を生成してくれ、それを高級な紙に印刷して飾ることができ May 16, 2017 What the heck are sound wave tattoos??? Click to Subscribe! https://goo. SoundViz is over the rainbow excited to announce our new custom colors Dec 11, 2014 SoundViz - Turn music and sounds into beautiful art. View on Twitter. Facebook. Anyway I decided to go look for a way to turn digital music to something visual and came across SoundViz that takes your music and sounds and makes images Apr 3, 2017 With my marketing and design experience and his coding chops, we launched a really bad first version of SoundViz to see if it got any traction. Hey there! The 4