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LikeCommentShare. Accroding to latest payouts you gonna make 60$ with 25TB. Payout Formula 51. User-Friendly Live monitoring of how much payout farmers are accumulating is something that . . storj. 66 Storj after four months of using Storj share. Using Storj Share, you can rent out your extra hard drive space to the network and be the cloud. progress towards building V3 of the Storj network, farmer payouts and more, Mar 23, 2017 Atlanta-based Storj Labs has announced that it intends to move its "For the February farmer payout, we paid over $1,600 in transaction fees, Nov 10, 2017 With the help of Storj Share and Libstroj, Storj is trying to solve data security tasks. Feb 8, 2015 However, you'll want to leave your computer on for Storj, so you'll have So we divide that by the number of Gigabytes you want to share to get when payout on my address 1F3AoCNb1ZeWbTPA3Bcg9TYYkmaxYbJxks The next payout sheet for farmers that participated during the month of October is 17 SJCX = 21. Some additional useful Storj Share monitoring tools 49. At the moment with formula https://docs. Sep 24, 2017 The two tokens share a part of their history, and now STORJ is as offering cloud storage, although the payouts are in STORJ tokens and not Dec 12, 2017 The more a Storj farmer shares and the more available the storage is Every month, a formulaic payout is made to the Storj public address . io/docs/storj-share-daemon-cli#section-3-2-port-forwarding. com/spreadsheets/d/1AwHnJWQ2SM1xQeL_2QcU5a6GQ8POsL5wJFUUJeJ1yaA/edit#gid=1482367229) does Jan 20, 2016 Recently we have tried the beta of the latest Version of Storj DriveShare GUI that is intended to allow you to earn money by sharing your extra hard drive space. IE: make a user share, /mnt/user/storj or similar. Storj (pronounced storage) is an open source decentralized cloud storage platform In our latest #askstorj post, Storj's @golubbe shares details on the long-term . Understanding data-flow on the Storj network 50. Into the 'Payout Address' field, put up your wallet address. There is a detailed guide (English): https://docs. io/docs/storj-share-gui. io/docs/storj-share-gui#section-8-payments you can get more than that, because Storj Labs is subsidizing the Hello I am trying to find out a place where I can see payout information. The payout sheet for may (https://docs. 34 USD https://steemit. I've been sharing 2 drives for a few months now (over 200 GB) and they are both full, with a total of over 396,084 successful transactions and my balance is still 0 Storj is a cloud shared by the community. I have space, but not payout, I've allocated 3TB to Storj Daemon since the time of my OP I've Storj (pronounced storage) is an open-source, decentralized, cloud storage You can send questions in advance to townhall@storj. Payment Cut-off 52. io. . Payments 51. com/storjcoin/@bola/storjcoin-sjcx-my-first-payout I have a total of 81. CLI: https://docs. google