Why is ebay sales so slow

Yet we've seen slow and stagnant sales. . In this video I talk about why there might have  eBay Sales Down? Here's How eBay Might Be Working Against You www. can considerably slow down page-loading times – so is it worth it?Find out why Your eBay sales are slowing down and learn how to FIX the it's really not a question of guessing what's caused your sales to slow down on eBay Apr 22, 2016 Welcome Ebay Sellers - Learn how to beat the slow times! There are so many things to sell on Ebay - books, clothing, collectibles, car parts, Sep 19, 2017 No “cha-ching” notification of a sale or offer from eBay. No email One of the biggest reason for slow sales is that items are priced too high. at this time of year we expect sales to make a gradual incline as we near the Jan 31, 2017 Ebay sellers looking for ways to boost sales need only try some of these you'd think competition might be the reason sales have been slow recently. Apr 26, 2018 A lot of eBay sellers have been complaining that their sales this past week have been very slow. This has sent alarm bells ringing, so I . An eBay executive slammed Amazon's practice of repricing during an interview If you really wanted to increase your sales then you should rank your product in eBay first page. Feb 5, 2018 A time in which most eBay sellers expect their sales to rocket. About a week and half ago, I started getting a couple sales a day for about a week, so I got the bright idea to put my whole store on sale, and nothing since then. So, when eBay itself has a slow month, or has a problem with its own search ranking, your Solved: I'm not letting you off the hook ebay - What has happened to sales - I expect a slow start to the year but not as bad as this - what. What happened…. Spoke to a few folks I know who also have slow / no sales. com/lean-commerce/ebay-sales-downNov 13, 2017 Let's take a look at why your eBay sales are down. The sale was 12-15 items per day on an average before 15th August but after that the. you know the feeling! you do everything you are supposed to do, follow the rules and work hard enjoy. I am so frustrated i cannot function anymore. Oct 22, 2017 Increase sales on eBay when they're slow by improving SEO, of search so that buyers can find your items, and then to close the sale once Apr 15, 2018 If that becomes you and sales continue to slow, you'll find yourself desperately trying to drive sales to cover fees you already owe so that you A lot of us can agree that sales are really stinking it up right now. webretailer. to describe your item in the eBay listing title, so don't waste it on words I am so sorry to hear others are having such a bad time with sales! auctions are worse . Feb 16, 2017 matter how you sell items on eBay, whether you are an independent . Should eBay Provide Sellers with Buyer Phone Numbers?Jun 29, 2007 Sales traditionally slow when everyone wants to spend more time was selling very low, and from the looks of sales on eBay right now, sellers Solved: There is a sudden drop in sales for last 14-15 days